Zyken NightCove – The $2,500 Alarm Clock

Zyken Night Cove

Joe described it as ET’s alarm clock, the New York Times calls it a Sleeper Cell, while I’m just going to call this $2,500 alarm clock, bloody expensive.

The Zyken NightCove would look pretty cool on anybodies bedside table and it packs in some pretty innovative technology. The NightCove uses sound and light to relax or awaken you. Looking at the the Zyken site it sound like complicated scientific stuff.

A wealth of high-tech innovative functionalities:

  • For reading, a light that minimizes the negative impacts on the ability to fall asleep.
  • A light that gradually decreases in intensity in order to facilitate very gentle transition between wakefulness and sleep.
    The use of LEDs makes it possible to develop sophisticated light programs that are significantly more effective than those using traditional bulbs.
  • A sound universe composed of rhythms that match your metabolism, relaxing you in the evening and stimulating you in the morning.

Further info and scientific gobbly-gook is available on the Zyken site.