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Zwitscherbox motion-activated audio player

zwitscherboxDo you love to have birds around your home? There are times when their songs in the morning offer a sense of calm, not to mention keep your soul refreshed as you wake up each day. If you wished that development around your neighborhood would stop so that your feathered friends will be able to establish a more permanent base around, perhaps the $59.95 Zwitscherbox might be able to help you out.

The Zwitscherbox is a motion-activated audio player which serenades bird lovers with a natural melody of tweets and chirps. It is specially developed in Germany, and has been inspired by birds that are native to the Black Forest. It will play a two-minute chorus of bird songs whenever it detects any movement within four feet of the motion sensor. It arrives in the form factor of a traditional peaked-roof birdhouse, where the front plate is made from cherry. A trio of AA batteries will power the chirping choir, where a power/volume knob enables orniphiles to adjust the audio level according to their preference — perhaps it is enough to draw birds to your home?