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ZVOX rolls out new Platinum Series models

zvoxYou might want to play closer attention to ZVOX as they intend to deliver theater-quality, 3-D sound through the simplicity of a pedestal design as well as single-wire connectivity. In other words, there will be a trio of new models that will make up the Platinum Series in 42″, 36″ and 30″ widths, which will in turn, be able to accommodate up to 80″, 70″ and 60″ televisions respectively. Each of these models happen to come housed in a wood cabinet, and till boast of three built-in powered subwoofers which are able to function in conjunction with ZVOX’s proprietary technologies such as PhaseCue virtual surround sound and AccuVoice vocal enhancement technology.

 The Platinum Series has been specially designed for those who would want a full-blown home theater experience that arrives in a sleek form-factor, all without the hassle of wires as well as clutter of added speakers, and yet be on the enjoying end of 60-inch, 70-inch and even 80-inch wide TVs.

Regardless of which ZVOX Platinum SoundBase systems that you decide to settle on for, they make use of five high-quality, full-range speakers and will feature built-in subwoofers which will arrive housed within real wood (MDF) cabinets. There will be computer-controlled tonal balance that offers extremely smooth midrange and remarkable bass (as low as 35 Hz). Apart from that, the proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround system will be able to deliver room-filling three-dimensional sound, and all of these happen to hail from a solitary cabinet design without the need for any kind of external subwoofer.

Not only that, the included BlueGiga Bluetooth chipset will play nice with the aptX software codec and it offers CD-quality audio, providing a reliable Bluetooth connection as well as better range compared to other products that are currently on the market. This also paves the way for superior audio quality as it makes use of fully digital internal processing throughout the entire Platinum Series range. Expect all three models in the Platinum Series to arrive in the first week of October if you are interested.

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