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ZumReed’s Turntable Speaker

I’ve seen a couple different speakers from ZumReed, but I think this new one is my new favorite.  The tiny little turntable would be ultra-portable and look good while doing it.  It’s one of the few that would make a cool keychain.  With the little strap you could attach it to your purse or any other bags you might carry on a regular basis.  It’d also be small enough to slip into your pocket, especially with its slim shape.  Although you probably should be careful not to sit down with it in your back pocket, otherwise you’ll probably have to pick up a new one.

It comes in the three different colors shown here, black white and orange.  You can easily see where the sound itself will come out of from the picture.  If you spin that spot, that is also how you control the volume.  The speakers come with a built-in rechargeable battery.  If you hook it up to your USB port, for every hour you charge it you’ll get three hours of music.  Sadly these have yet to be found outside of Japan.  As of now the only place you can purchase it from is Dreams6 for ¥2980 or about $32.

Source: Technabob