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Zubits make sure you never have to tie your shoes again


Every single second counts when you’re running late. Since we’re taking on more responsibilities than ever, it feels like that’s every minute of every day. It makes sense that we want to streamline our lives, because we can’t waste a single minute on things we shouldn’t have to. That being said, it’s about time we talk about tying your shoes.

Let’s be real here, not many of us actually tie and untie our shoes. Most of the time we tie them just loose enough that we can slip our feet in and out with very little effort. If we had the Zubits, that would be a completely different story. These are two magnetic strips that you tie your shoelaces into, and whenever you need to run out the door you only need to slip your feet in and pull the two sides close enough that the magnetism will take effect.

If you think these won’t be able to stay together when you go for a run, think again, as Zubits have been tested time and time again with parkour lovers, kids, and runners alike. These come in 3 different sizes for those with varying foot sizes. There are also a variety of colors to choose from so that you’re not going to ruin the color coordination of your outfit. These will cost you $19.99-21.99 depending on what size you need.

Available for purchase on zubits

1 thought on “Zubits make sure you never have to tie your shoes again”

  1. These appear to be a wonderful solution for arthritis sufferers who are tired of fumbling with shoelaces. I think I’ll try these on my gym shoes…

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