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The Zoom H4N Digital Recorder captures sound as you hear it


When you listen to music and take out one ear bud, you normally lose the depth of the intended experience, as both the right and left ear buds pump different aspects of the music. To make your own music, you could certainly record a lovely song on your phone and put it up on iTunes, but for obvious reasons it’s not going to sound as good as something you would record in a studio. For those that are interested in audio, you know that not all mics are created equal, as some are able to record in stereo rather than mono alone, meaning you’ll be able to hear the sound you’re picking up in a more realistic way.

If you want to record audio for music, interviews, learning, or just to record for the fun of it, the Zoom H4N seems like a top-notch way to go about doing it. Microphones like the Blue Yeti and the Widget are more stay-at-home mics, while this can go in your pocket or on a camera hotshoe. The beauty of this little mic is that it can record up to 4 simultaneous tracks, with a phantom power that can work with just about any type of microphone.

On its own it’s capable of recording up to 2 tracks at either 90 or a 120 degree angle. It only needs 2 AA batteries, and will give you around 11 hours of battery life. There is also a slot for a 32GB SD card so you can record to your hearts content. This is no cheap purchase as it is intended for more professional use, so be ready to deal with a $200 price tag. The plus side is that you could use this for just about anything in the realm of recording.

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