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The Z Zoned Aromatherpy Pillow will let you sniff your way to a good night’s sleep

Aromatherapy Pillow

When your life is more hectic than you’d like, it makes the moments where you can relax and unwind matter that much more. This means sleep is especially important, as proper rest will be the only thing to drive you forward with an unrelenting work schedule. To make sure that you’re getting the quiet and rest you need, you’re going to want to make sure your room has the optimal setting for you to fall and stay asleep.

While a white noise machine can help calm your mind, that’s only one sense taken care of. There’s still taste, touch, and smell to be worried about. Hopefully you have nice, cozy blankets and are tasting fresh minty aftertaste from your toothpaste, but as for smell, if you don’t already have an option, the Z Zoned Aromatherapy Pillow is going to help you zonk out to the scent of lavender. This is a memory foam pillow that has been laced (in the good way) with lavender.

For those who can’t stand synthetic smells, you’ll be pleased to find that this was made with actual lavender oil. While the pillow comes steeped in lavender scent, you’ll also want to use the 3mL bottle of refresher spray that comes with it as the smell will dissipate over time. The cover is machine washable and was made to deal with the extra moisture from the spray. This $79.99 pillow is king size, but there are smaller versions as well as a $24.99 travel size which you will undoubtedly want if you’re on the road for work.

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