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Zombie Max Ammo – Kill Them for the Last Time

I really don’t know what’s going on these days, I love a good horror story as much as the next gal, okay, maybe even more… but when we have real people eating peoples faces off and college roommates consuming major organs, it may be time to start preparing for the apocalypse. We already have our standby silver bullets for werewolves, wooden stakes and garlic for pesky vampire infestations, but when it comes to zombies, we are pretty much on a scream and run fast plan… Welcome Zombie Max Ammunition, designed specifically with grand scale zombie attacks in mind, the largest independent producer of bullets in the world, wants to make sure you have everything you need, when confronted with the flesh eating undead. Specially packaged, with specific directions, you and your loved ones will have to run no more. This time, make certain that the dead stay that way. Sure, everyone thinks they can outrun a zombie, but it never works out that well, now does it? The manufacturer is very quick to point out specifically that Hornady Zombie Max ammunition is NOT a toy (IT IS LIVE AMMUNITION), and is intended only to be used on…ZOMBIES, also known as the living dead, undead, etc. No human being, plant, animal, vegetable or mineral should ever be shot with Hornady Zombie Max ammunition. Zombie Max ammunition is available in a wide variety of zombie stopping calibers to suit your complete end of the world arsenal, including 380 auto, 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 Rem., 7.62×39 mm, .308 Win. and the ever popular zombie dropper, 12-gauge 00 buckshot. With prices starting at under 20 bucks, I say it is much better to have and not need, then to need and not have…. are you with me? Check out the website at for videos and purchase information. Don’t bother to run, just stay at home with Zombie Max.]]>

1 thought on “Zombie Max Ammo – Kill Them for the Last Time”

  1. thought this was a joke til i saw it at my local guns and ammo. guy said it wasn’t selling well so i guess people don’t believe in zombies lol

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