Zoltar the talking fortune teller

Zoltar the talking fortune teller
If you’ve got a disposable income, it’s probably pretty fun to go around buying things you’ll end up using once every couple of months. Thanks to Hammacher and their Zoltar talking fortune teller, you’ll never run out of things to buy.

Zoltar is just like any other animatronic fortune teller you’ve see in those shady arcades everyone loves to go into.

The man himself, Zoltar, comes complete with handlebar mustache, beard, and a gold turban. Zoltar is protected by three layers of tempered glass, just in case someone isn’t too happy with their fortune. The other parts of the case a pretty fancy, too, with a wheeled oak cabinet with gold and black trim.

As soon as someone approaches the great Zoltar, he will acknowledge you and invite you to come closer. Of course, he won’t do anything else unless you feed him a quarter (which can be disabled). After that formality is over, Zoltar begins to tell you your fortune. You’ll be given one of 16 generic spoken fortunes and then one of 23 printed fortunes in the form of a paper card (2,000 are included).

That’s really all Zoltar does, and for those 16 cliché fortunes you’ll have to lay done a nice $8,000 and another $500 for shipping good old Zoltar to your mansion. You’ll have a hard time making back that money by just charging a quarter per fortune.

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