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Zoku Ice Sphere Molds – For Cocktail Perfection


If you’re looking for the perfect little hostess gift this holiday season, or if you’d just like to pick yourself up an awesome little gadget that will change the quality of your Christmas party cocktails forever, then I’ve got the thing for you.¬†Check out Roku’s Ice Sphere Molds, easy to use, cool little ice molds that produce a clear, spherical ice that actually keeps your drinks colder, longer, and with much less dilution than your regular, run of the mill ice cubes.

You simply need to fill one of the silicone molds through the hole in its top (boiled and cooled water is best for producing a crystal clear ice) and stack it in the freezer. Once your Zoku Ice is frozen, you just need to pull the halves apart and drop your sphere into your drink or punchbowl, all with none of that pesky warm water rinse often required to release some other sphere molds.

The stackable design allows for easy storage and each set contains 2 sphere makers. Freeze 2 at a time and collect them in zipper bags, or just buy more than one set, so you always have your fancy ice on hand for parties. Get creative and add edible flowers, fruit slices, herbs or candies to your ice balls. Lovin’ it! Get a set of Zoku’s Ice Sphere Molds at¬†for only around 17 bucks, you’ll be glad you did. Salute!