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The Zoku Ice Cream Maker Bowl makes perfectly portioned ice cream


Once you get a taste for fresh food, it’s hard to stomach anything less. You can almost taste the packaging, chemicals added to keep that “freshness” that allows food to stay on the shelf for weeks, and even the consistency is slightly different. If you’ve ever taken a spoonful of fresh ice cream and savored the delightful dairy goodness that comes from that, then you are likely going to enjoy looking for ways to have that sensation more often.

The Zoku Ice Cream Bowl will let you indulge as often as you’d like, but the catch is that you can only do so one bowl at a time, and it’s not a 2-minute process. This is a combination of plastic and stainless steel that you place into the freezer for a few hours, take it out, and pour an ice cream mixture into the bowl. You’ll need to manually churn and scrape the concoction for 10 minutes to get the consistency of soft serve, or those dedicated few can go for 20 minutes to get harder ice cream.

This obviously doesn’t need batteries as it is powered by you. It’s a $25.95 purchase that would likely be better enjoyed during the summer, but some of us find strange pleasure in making ourselves colder during the winter months. You’ll be able to choose between blue, green, light blue, orange, purple, and red, and all come with the stainless steel bowl, a protective sleeve, and a spoon. It has a 5 ounce capacity, and sadly is hand-wash only.

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