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The Zody Chair – be kind to your behind

Hawthorne Chair

To many of us, office chairs are the bane of our existence, especially those that work in an office. Circulation is always a huge concern, and many chairs don’t offer proper lumbar support. Even ones that do can be uncomfortable because they don’t adjust well to larger or smaller bodies.

The Zody Chair is an exciting answer to a lot of people’s common problems with office furniture. It not only offers adjustable lumbar support, but it is capable of being altered unevenly, allowing you to find the perfect amount of resistance on either side. The back of the chair is made of a tight, polyester mesh that will also move and twist slightly with the user’s natural movements and shifting throughout the day. In addition, the seat of the chair, made out of thick foam, is designed to encourage a slight, forward tilt in the pelvis, which relieves pressure in the hips, allows blood to flow more freely, and encourages a natural arch in the spine, which is lost in most traditionally designed chairs. The Zody chair claims to be the first that has ever been endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

The chair has a 12-year warranty that covers any inconsistency in their manufacturing. For those of you who are concerned with the ecological footprint you may be leaving by buying new furniture, 51% of each chair is made out of recycled material and manufactured in a wind-powered factory. When you’re done with the chair, up to 95% of it can be recycled to make a new one, and Zody will even take care of recycling for you if you send it to them. The Zody chair is priced steeply at $899.00, but hey, at least shipping is free!

Available for purchase at Haworth

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  1. There are a kazillion ergonomic chairs that sell for north of five hundred dollars. The Nobel Prize will go to the designer of an ergonomic chair that sells for LESS than five hundred dollars. The Zody is obviously not that chair, and it doesn’t even look very nice…

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