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ZKOO hand gesture tracking camera

zkooCameras with face tracking ability are not new at all, and this technology has also made its way into that of smartphones and tablets, going to show just how far it has come. Having said that, here is something which will require a fair amount of faith to be realized – taking into consideration it is a crowdfunding project under Kickstarter that is known as ZKOO. ZKOO is a hand gesture tracking camera, where it has been touted to be the world’s most responsive and accurate hand gesture tracking camera. Just like how proof of the pudding is in the eating, so too, do we need to see evidence of ZKOO working before one would drop some serious coin for it – or you can always walk out in blind faith.

ZKOO will play nice with users of Windows PCs (7, 8, and 10), mobile devices, and tablets, as it offers a totally different UI experience of their favorite software and applications, delivering endless possibilities along the way. We are talking about ZKOO working alongside Windows PCs, Android-based tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and Smart TVs. This means ZKOO can be easily used to transform living room TVs into smart, gesture- controlled TVs, ensuring a deeper, interactive, engaging, and entertaining experience.

ZKOO elevates traditional UI functions as it seeks out to replace the touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard with natural hand gestures. Cutting-edge gesture detection based on Hi-Speed Vision, Exvision’s proprietary technology, will then interpret all of your gestures, and does so with extremely low latency, high accuracy, and robustness with a single CMOS imager and proprietary software algorithm. So far, the Tokyo-based company behind the ZKOO is looking at a funding goal of $15,000, and anyone who contributes at least $60 will be able to bring home the ZKOO camera at a much lower price than the $120 retail price.

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