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Zippo Mini Handwarmer keeps the chills away

zippo-mini-handwarmerFor those of us who happen to be living in the northern hemisphere, autumn is here, and with that, it would also mean that winter will soon be upon us. That would also translate to making sure that the necessary is done – including getting enough warm clothes and other kinds of preparations around the home – thick, wool blankets for guests and the like. What happens when you go out one of these days and forget to bring along your gloves? Surely placing your hands in your pockets are not going to work too effectively, which is why the £19.99 Zippo Mini Handwarmer makes plenty of sense.

The Zippo Mini Handwarmer will sport an impressive sounding platinum catalyzed glass-fibre burner that ensures that it will be able to remain warm for up to an incredible 6 hours, now how about that? In addition, it comes in a slimmer and slinkier form factor that would make it all the more convenient to tote around, ensuring that your cold hands will be duly warmed up in double quick time. To make sure that either gender would find the Zippo Mini Handwarmer useful to bring around with them, it will arrive in Chrome and Pink shades. Definitely one of the more compact handwarmers around.

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