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Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter

We all know that Zippos are not supposed to have their flames snuffed out – even if there is a hurricane in the vicinity and you would like to take a smoke, all you need to do is make sure that ciggy lies tightly clenched between your lips (and teeth if it needs be), while you take out a Zippo from your pocket, flick it open and give the good ol’ flint a go. Well, there is something new for you to consider this time around – the £14.99 Zippo Flexible Neck Lighter which has been touted to be the next evolutionary step for Zippo lighters. This childproof fire starter is said to come with a flexible neck, making it the ideal tool to light up just about anything from any angle, including a campfire right from the middle for the perfectionist in you. There is also an adjustable flame and fuel level indicator, and as usual, this butane lighter will retain the intuitive and easy-to-use manner of your standard Zippo lighter. ]]>

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