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This Zipperless Sleeping Bag keeps the cold out with magnets


If you’ve ever gone camping, then you know how obnoxious a zippered sleeping bag is. It might seal you into a taco of warmth, but the teeth of the zipper let an awful lot of wind through on a cold night. On top of that, the zipper loves to jam when you’re at your peak of exhaustion and frustration. If you camp more often than not and don’t feel like bringing an additional blanket along, it might be time to get a better sleeping bag.

 While you could get more of the same with improved down filling, this NOZIPP Sleeping Bag might serve you better. This is a bag that uses a bat-wing opening and magnets to keep it shut. This overlap of fabric will make sure that heat stays in, and the magnets will let you cool off as soon as you’re bothered by too much warmth. Of course, there are also multiple draft barriers to make sure that no quick gust or oncoming storm will blow into your cozy nest.

This comes in regular or long, fitting those who are up to 6′ or 6′ 6” tall, respectively. There is a price difference that comes with the change in size, being $299 and $419 due to the fact that there is an increase of materials. This weighs around 2 pounds and 8 ounces, with some down filling that should hopefully not add too much more to your pack than you’re already carrying.

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