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Zipboard Roll-Up Travel Whiteboard

zipboardThe idea of a flexible display is an enthralling one, but right now, the technology is not quite viable for mass production just yet, so you will just have to be happy with the phablets that are flooding the market at the moment. For those who tend to do a whole lot of traveling to deliver presentations, surely a whiteboard is an essential tool to have at the venue, especially with your collection of markers to write down your thoughts and ideas for the audience to mull over. Do not leave things to chance when you can carry the $29.99 Zipboard Roll-Up Travel Whiteboard around with you.

Yes sir, this is one whiteboard that you can take with you anywhere you go, without having to be bogged down by bulk, and it is even small enough to be carried on a plane as hand carry luggage! The whiteboard will retract in the same manner of a scroll for supreme portability, and best of all is, the whiteboard surface would become rigid when it is extended. Each purchase will come with dry erase marker that are located in the base, while there is also an integrated eraser located on the back. Even better is, nothing will be erased even when it retracts, allowing you to “save” whatever you have jotted down for another presentation to a different set of audience at a later date.