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Zing Anything – The only time water will ever taste good

Zing Anything

Only on a hot summer day after you’ve been engaging in non-stop physical activity does water ever actually taste like much of anything. You do start to notice the differences in the “taste” of water from one restaurant to the next, but that usually has to do with the quality of the pipes it’s running through. It doesn’t really taste like anything, but it is mandatory that we drink it so we don’t shrivel up and die.

If you’d prefer to compromise with your tastebuds over how much bland liquid it’s willing to deal with, then the Zing Anything might be the way to do it. This is a 54 ounce pitcher with a citrus reamer and an adjustable fruit muddling wand which will infuse whatever liquid you put into it with fruits of your choosing. You’re basically just going to make watered down juice, but hey, whatever puts more H2O into your body, right?

Of course, this isn’t just restricted to water, as you could use this for lemonade or tea at summer cookouts, family gatherings, and more to make your hosting prowess seem way more impressive than it might actually be. While all the pieces are dishwasher safe, the fun part will be picking bits of fruit from the strainer that keeps the pulp in the pitcher and out of your glass when you’re done with it. This is a $39.99 purchase that would likely see more use for cocktails, but once its yours the purpose for it is up to you.

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