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This Upright Bike Stand saves space in your place

Upright Bike Rack

When you live in a smaller space and have to store your bike inside, it can be a pain to have it leaning against a wall. It’s long, sticks out, and you will most certainly get it caught on something at least once when trying to move it. It would be better to mount it to the wall, but if you’re living in a rented space, you don’t want to drill holes and put in hardware that you’ll only have to refill and remove later.

If you want the extra room, this Space Saving Upright Bike Stand can help. It will hold your bicycle vertically without making you lift its full weight. There are suction cups on the free-standing base which will obviously be sturdier on flat, non-carpeted surfaces. The base has two doors that open to storage compartments where you can put your bicycle accessories. You can also store your bike horizontally, and use it as a trainer raiser block if you wish.

This is made of a durable, rust-proof plastic, so it can be used inside or outside. There’s nothing to move, charge, or assemble, so once you’ve paid $119.95, you only need to pull it out of the box to start using it. It comes with a strap that secures your bicycle to the base, which you will certainly want so that the bike doesn’t com crashing down on top of you when you go to get it.

Available for purchase on Hammacher