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The Zevro Ground Coffee Dispenser makes sure your coffee is always just right

Zevro Coffee Dispenser

When you are groggy, just waking up in the morning, it’s hard to gauge what type of person you’re going to be. Some days you are the person who springs forth into the morning with stars in your eyes and rainbows trailing behind you, and others you are the Grumpus, hater of all things. It is more often than not the latter that will make an appearance, and makes a normal morning snowball into a annoying one pretty quickly.

Since we are very dependent on caffeine, we need our morning cup o’ Joe to be top-notch every time. One bad cup of coffee can start the day off in a bad way, so you want to make sure you make it as easy for your future Grumpus-self to get through the morning as pain-free as possible. This Zevro Coffee Dispenser will make sure you always put the same amount of coffee grounds in to brew as it has a built-in measuring system.

After you’ve filled the container with your favorite ground coffee, one squeeze of the handle will give you exactly one tablespoon. This will keep your grounds fresh, your coffee consistent, and making your brew easier than ever. The container can hold up to a half pound of coffee, and you can find this in black, white and chrome, all chrome, or red and chrome for $29.99. Hopefully this doesn’t weigh too much, or you might get annoyed at having to hold it up and squeeze at the same time, as menial tasks are just terrible when you’re not fully awake.

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