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The Zeus All-In-One Printer – who needs to buy toys when you can make them?

Zeus 3D Printer

We seem to have an unending want of stuff. We’ll try to be choosy and make it things that will actually be useful and applicable to our lives, but when was the last time you went an entire month without buying anything that wasn’t groceries? If you have the capital and know-how, you can avoid needing to buy any tangible bobble again, since you can make it yourself.

 Not too long ago 3D printers were something only found in science fiction, and now they can give your imagination and logic a run for their money. Zeus is a plug-and-play 3D printer that will let you start making your first print within 10 minutes of its unboxing. It can be used to make toys, school projects, prototypes, or recreate old objects with ease. It is also fully automated in regards to calibration, so you never have to do any bed-leveling or touching the insides.

Since the parts are modular, you can quickly get to the turbtable and extruder to deal with any potential issues and get back to creating. There’s also the added bonus of having the templates for a number of parts in the machine, meaning you can create backups to have handy or create a new part in a couple of hours. Its max build is 6 x 8 x 5.7” with a max resolution of 80 microns. The 7” color display will let you do on-board editing without needing an external computer, making this a self-contained thing-making machine. This will cost you around $2,337, and you’ll need printer filament spools at around $22 a pop, so it’s an expensive way to pass the time.

Available for purchase on Amazon