Zero gravity chair

stokke.jpgCheck out the slogan for the chair: “Probably the closest you’ll ever get to zero gravity”. The chair is manufactured by the Dutch Stokke and it promises to bring comfortable sitting to a next level. The chair features four positions, being suitable therefore for a wide range of situations.

“From a comfortable working position to a reclined position and a feeling of almost weightless. The sloping seat allows wider space between the thigh and the upper part of the body, while the leg cushions prevent sliding forward when working at a table. When leaning back your legs will be lifted higher than your head providing you with the best position for relaxation and well-being!”

The wooden parts of the “Stokke Gravity Balans” chair come varnished, wood stained, oiled or waxes and they feature a guarantee of seven years. They assure that the fabric used is also very high quality and you can choose from a large variety of colors.

Now, despite the aesthetics (I could care less, really) I would love have such a chair on my office just to have the feeling of zero gravity throughout the coffee breaks. I am not sure how one could convince the Human Resources department to buy the stuff, though. Specially if you consider the price, I did a small research on eBay and most of those chairs were selling over $1200…

Reference: Stokke

Via: Core77