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Zepp reveals new smart coach system

zepp2Zepp is a name in which some of us would be familiar with, especially since they are the ones behind the world’s best-selling digital sports training device. This time around, they have made an announcement concerning the sequel which will be aptly known as the Zepp 2, where this next generation sensor and software will target golf as well as baseball-softball. The new Zepp 2 will boast of the revolutionary Smart Coach system which empowers athletes to train smarter and improve faster than ever before, where all that a user needs to do is to take a few swings, before Zepp does the hard work of diagnosing areas to improve, as well as offer personalized training programs that are based on each individual’s swing data.

These training programs hail from the best players and coaches in each sport, and are not some sort of hocus focus or mumbo jumbo conjured in a lab somewhere. The names Mike Trout, Jennie Finch, John Mallee, and Tim Walton should ring a bell for those who are familiar with baseball and softball, and such training programs will guide players through customized plans in order for them to improve their swings. There will also be personalized instruction for golfers that are offered by the likes of Michelle Wie, Keegan Bradley, Rick Smith and Pat Shea. It does not matter where your skill level is at the moment, as Zepp will eliminate all kinds of guesswork in training in order to show users just where and how they can take their game to the next level.

The Smart Coach training system will kick off with the instant evaluation feature, where the Zepp 2 analyzes thousands of data points after a few swings in order to diagnose what the player is doing well and where they have room for improvement. Zepp also makes it a snap to post progress, upload photos, custom captions, and share across social media channels. The Zepp 2 will be available for golf and baseball-softball for $149.99, where it comes with a sensor, sport specific mount and magnetic charger.

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