Zensorium unveils Tinké

tinkeNow here is a device with a name that I would personally say does not fall within the “normal” boundaries of naming conventions, where Zensorium has called it the Tinké. It does have a fairytale ring to it, does it not? Well, the Tinké will now come with an integrated Lightning connector for iOS devices, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for iOS device owners. Wait a minute, I have yet to describe just what the heck the Tinké is, right? All apologies – the Tinké would target those who are concerned about their health, where it relies on optical sensing technologies in order to capture blood volume changes as well as quantifying your fitness and relaxation levels into indexes to make it a snap to compare.

Zensorium hopes that these indexes will be compared liberally and trend alongside one another so that you will be able to better understand your fitness progression from your iOS device. For starters, there is the Vita Index, which is a fitness score that has been created by piecing together data which was collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate. As for the Zen Index, the name itself gives the game away – it is a quantified score for your state of relaxation which relies on heart rate variability as a basis.

After all, it makes perfect sense for one to remain aware of one’s fitness level, even though there are moments in your life that you do not remain engaged in physical activity. Tinké is used only when you are at rest so that it can measure, monitor and trend your heart rate, respiration rate and blood oxygen level. Apart from that, Tinké’s Zen measurement would also let you breathe better and measure your level of relaxation at the end of a 60-second practice, now how about that? The Zensorium Tinké comes in a unique and stylish form factor, and it is tipped to arrive later this October for a yet unreleased price point.

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