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The Zenroast is for those who love the process of making coffee


We as a society are absolutely fascinated by caffeine. Coffee is the nectar on which we live, and it gives us the extra pep in our step that we need to face each task of the day. For most people, making this amber liquid is a job for the night beforehand of pouring water and scooping in grounds. However, for those who wake early enough, preparing coffee from start to finish is a time to collect your thoughts and prepare for the day.

If you love the process of making coffee from selecting the beans to pouring the final drop, then the Zenroast is a kitchen accessory that may catch your eye. This is a tool from Japan that was traditionally used for roasting tea leaves or sesame seeds, but it is also perfect for roasting coffee beans. This is a ceramic container which will require you to be very involved in the process to make the perfect drink.

To prepare your morning brew, put fresh coffee beans in the Zenroast over an open flame. You’ll need to shake the beans while they cook and blow out the extra bits and pieces through the tubular handle on the side. It’s a 5-10 minute process depending on what type of roast you like, and you’ll need to put the beans in a colander or wired net to cool off. From there it’s just grind and brew! You’ll get ultra fresh coffee and learn something along the way. This is a $55 purchase that comes to you from an old factory which is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, and the only aspect you’ll have a say in is the color of the stitching with options of blue, red, brown, green, and mustard.

Available for purchase on zenroast