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Zeno – The Acne Treatment Gadget

Acne Treatment

I’m fortunate to of never suffered from acne but I know a few people that have and acne is not pleasant, last year we reported on a special chocolate that could help treat acne now it’s the turn of a more gadget like solution, the Zeno.

The zeno is advertised as the new secret weapon in the war against pimples and works as follows:

Zeno stimulates a heat-shock response in p. acnes, the bacteria causing at least 90% of all acne blemishes. Heat shock proteins, activated by bacterial cells under heat stress, cause the self-destruction of p. acnes within the lesion, reducing inflammation and allowing the skin to return to a healthy state.

More information and availability on this new kind of acne treatment over at My Zeno.

3 thoughts on “Zeno – The Acne Treatment Gadget”

  1. Wow, do you think this would work with cysts as well. They are form of acne/

    I’ll have to look into it. Very cool gadget though

  2. I suffered from acne three years ago and just one herbal remedy definitely reduced the problem. I applied tea tree essential oil on my skin 2 times a day. In case you have problems with acne it may help you too.

  3. I have not tried Zeno yet. I actually don’t know anyone who has tried it. I am currently treating my acne with Acne Solutions from Clinique. It has worked really well with my skin. Ofocarse, I also try to drink a lot of water and not eat too much food that is unhealthy. Healthy and clear skin starts from the inside.

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