Zelco Outi


If someone were to tell me they had an “Outi”, I would assume they were referring to their belly button. However, if they said they had an Zelco Outi, I would say they had some very cool earphones.

The Outi earphones are different than most phones because they clip onto the ears and don’t go into any eardrums at all. I suppose this clip-on earrings formation allows this to transmit vibrations directly through the skin and cartilage.

The end result is supposed to be some serious sound that resonates throughout your entire body. The company says that it makes the listener part of the music or movie that he or she is listening to, and yet it can do this without blocking out the conversation or impending danger.

Unfortunately, you are required to charge your Outi. It takes 90 minutes to get it charged, then has six to eight hours worth of usage.

They can plug into MP3, iPod, portable CD or DVD player, even most cell phones. I’ve heard that they are available in three colors: pink, white, and black. Unfortunately, I’ve only heard it is only available in white for now.

You can get it at the Zelco site for about $110.00, and it includes am amplifier, a clip, a USB cable, and an AC adapter as well as a storage pouch.