Zegna Ski Jacket with built-in solar panel

It’s about that time to start looking into warm coats to shield us from the cold.  Well one company has decided to make a ski jacket that will not only keep you warm, but keep your gadgets charged as well.  It has a solar panel built into the collar itself.  There have been a few different designers that have attempted to slip a solar panel onto an article of clothing, but a lot of them end up looking ridiculous.  This ski jacket actually doesn’t look too bad with the built-in solar panel.

One cool extra feature is that you can take the collar off of the jacket.  Which means that even when you aren’t using the jacket you can put the solar panel in the window to charge up your gadgets.  That also means you could use this solar panel year round.  It is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about snow or rain damaging the solar panel.  Unfortunately the jacket is pretty expensive.   To get one of your own it will end up costing you $1,350.

Source: OhGizmo