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ZEEQ smart pillow is now ready to be purchased

zeeq-smart-pillowYou might be one of those filthy rich people who are able to afford the best bed possible, but on the other hand, you might be one who finds it difficult to fall asleep on that mighty expensive bed. Perhaps having too much to worry about concerning your fortune sprouting wings and flying away, eh? Well, the ZEEQ smart pillow is something that might help you get to sleep better, and not only that, improve the level of sleep quality while making sure that your partner remains undisturbed along the way.

Touted to be the most sophisticated and comfortable smart pillow in the world, the ZEEQ is available for purchase over in the UK. This extremely advanced and unique pillow intends to deliver deep and undisturbed sleep. You also do not have to struggle with remaining awake in order to turn it off, and neither do you need to wake up while having that groggy feeling. Your partner would also be more than happy to inform you that he or she no longer has to put up with your terrible snoring issue!

What does the ZEEQ smart pillow come with? There is a snore alarm first and foremost, where the microphone and motion sensor will work together in order to record and monitor the levels of snoring, using gentle vibrations to wake you up in a gentle manner so that you will be nudged into a new (and quiet) sleeping position. Not only that, the inclusion of Bluetooth technology that works in tandem with 8 micro speakers will make sure that the ZEEQ lets you drift off to sleep nicely by playing either your favorite collection of tunes, or to take advantage of the custom binaural sounds. There is also a programmable sleep timer that makes sure you are not disturbed once you have entered dreamland.

The battery in the ZEEQ can last for an entire week, and will juice itself up via microUSB. It also features Tencel fabric that boasts of a fully removable and washable Tencel pillowcase, as well as a wood based fibre that naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. Expect the ZEEQ smart pillow to retail for £249 apiece for those who are interested.

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