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ZED AIR laptop is extremely basic yet functional

zed-airWhile many of us simply cannot live without a notebook these days, as such tools will allow us to be extremely productive even though we are far away from the actual office (coupled with a good portable Internet connection, of course), this does not mean that all notebooks are created equal. For starters, there is this thing known as the Razer Blade laptop that offers plenty of hardware that will cater for your gaming needs, and on the opposite end of the high end spectrum would be the ZED AIR laptop from I-Life Digital Technology — which is a machine that targets first time laptop buyers since it has been specially designed for functionality.

Make no mistake about it, the ZED AIR laptop states its intent right from the get go. This highly portable laptop will come with a beautiful, clean, and fan-less design that is just 17.9mm thin while tipping the scales at a mere 1.55 kg. You will be able to choose from gray, silver and gold shades, while it is accompanied by USB 2.0, HDMI and SD memory card ports. Which is a pity really, since it does not feature USB 3.0 connectivity that should be the norm in this day and age.

Your hands should also feel comfortable to fly all over the place when typing, since it will feature a full-sized keyboard and a large touchpad that provides comfortable typing and navigation experience. The ZED AIR should be able to offer a fair amount of bang for your hard earned buck with its $135 price point.

Other hardware specifications of the ZED AIR laptop include 802.11ac wireless connectivity, 32GB of internal memory, an Intel Atom quad-core processor, Windows 10 as the operating system of choice, 2GB of RAM, a display at 1366 x 768 resolution, and a battery life that should be able to last for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

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