Z3 GPS goggles for those who do not want to get lost

Going skiiing can be quite the fun activity – after all, you have nothing but a huge expanse of snow to which you can ply your trade, slaloming through the slopes with wanton abandon (once your skill level is right up there, of course, beginners as well as those who are not experienced enough need to maintain a degree of caution). Sometimes of course, you still need to get your bearings correct wherever you ski, as exploring too far away from the base might see you getting lost (either that or, if you have a really bad sense of direction).
Good thing there is this thing called GPS – and Zeal Optics from Colorado has introduced their latest model of goggles that sports a built-in global positioning system, calling it the Z3 GPS Goggles. These goggles will be constructed based on the technology introduced in the company’s Transcend GPS Goggles collection, where among the new features will include enhanced style and comfort, ease-of-use and data-capture capabilities.

Your eyes will definitely experience a whole new perspective – where you will be able to enjoy a far more advanced optics, not to mention improved head-mounted display technology and new 3-D data-capturing features. Taking nothing but the best capabilities of the Transcend GPS line, the Z3 GPS will come with enlarged polarized in-molded anti-fog lenses that will remove 99.9% of glare from the sun and slopes so that your eyes won’t fatigue so fast, but it will also be able to automatically adjust varying light levels that go from a clear tint in low light, to a dark rose/brown tint in brighter light.
You will also be able to obtain real-time access to performance statistics such as speed, altitude, temperature, and time during your run down the slopes. Seems to be the perfect tool for those who eat, sleep and breathe skiing. Nice to see the built-in monitor being redesigned in a manner that it is less obtrusive now than ever before. A rechargeable lithium ion battery will sport a 7-hour run time, so you should tire out far faster beyond the batteries do.
Expect the Z3 GPS to be used to the maximum thanks to downloadable software which lets you transfer all data from your goggles to your PC and Mac computers. It will retail for $549 a pop if you’re interested.
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