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Yuruppy: A Virtual Pet that You Can Pet

For Christmas, my wife got our kids some of those Tamagotchis. Apparently, she always wanted one herself, and I am very surprised at how much fun my kids, who are ages 5 and 6, can have with these little toys.

It appears that Takara Tomy has a new virtual pet with the Yuruppy. The Yuruppy is like a Tamagotchi, but it has a touchscreen, so the user can “pet” them. Hopefully the Yuruppy inside will have some sort of adorable reaction.

There are also other activities that the user can put their virtual pet through, including 14 mini games. If the user doesn’t want a puppy, he or she can choose between a kitten and a chicken as well. I don’t think I’ve ever petted a chicken, but that’s because I don’t want to get pecked.

Best of all, the Yuruppy requires no care. I know that my kids have experienced some sadness when their Tamagotchi has died due to lack of care, and I’m not certain if this is a good “life-lesson” for them. Is this the best way to teach “if you don’t take care of your pet, it will die?”

The Yuruppy is slated to have a Japanese release, and should have a price of about $21. There are plans to release a Yuruppy deluxe with a larger screen for about $38.


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1 thought on “Yuruppy: A Virtual Pet that You Can Pet”

  1. Virtual pets are becoming another fad not only for kids but for adults, people use them on facebook apps all the time.

    What kina of virtual pet do you have?
    I have a talinky!


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