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Yuneec USA E-GO Electric Longboard Cruiser Skateboard lets you get around in style

ego-electric-skateboardA skateboard might be seen as a young person’s tool to get around – and it is pretty useful if you have the skills to pull tricks on it, and might even get you from one block to another faster than if you were in a car – assuming that all of the other factors are in place, of course. While we have seen skateboards evolve to include the electric kind, this particular model – the $699.E-GO Electric Longboard Cruiser Skateboard from Yuneec USA, does offer a little bit more zest than usual.

In fact, the E-GO Electric Longboard Cruiser Skateboard is touted to be the very first lightweight electric skateboard of its kind that is capable of traveling up to 18 miles on a single charge, now how about that? It tips the scales at just 13.9 lbs. and will come with a Bluetooth wireless remote that boasts of forward and brake controls. The brake will be part of a regenerative system which will charge up the battery, somewhat similar in principle to that of what we see in hybrid cards. The app that will let your smartphone work with it will be free to download, and you can also receive feedback on your ride to boot.

Not quite Marty’s hoverboard yet, but we are getting there.