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Your Own Superhero Suit

Super Suit
So you want to be a super hero, right? Forget super powers, the first step in the super hero direction is to get your own super suit and that could be becoming a reality thanks to d3o (dee-three-oh) .

d30 is a material made-up from specially engineered molecules. The material is flexible under normal coniditions, allowing movement but when put under duress it hardens protecting the wearer. It’s going to be getting it’s first real test at this year Winter Olymipics with members of both the US and Canadian giant slalom teams wearing it for protection.

It will be interesting to see how the substance performs and whether it will find it’s way into everyday items, could this be the end for biker leathers.

[d3o found via Med Gadget]

25 thoughts on “Your Own Superhero Suit”

  1. Where can i get one of these supersuits, i really need one, and when will they be available to the publice?

  2. I need one of these suits. When will they be available to the public? How much will the staring price on them be? Oh Hell Ya!!!!!!

  3. I work as a stuntman. I’d actually be very interested in this, too, for obvious professional reasons.

  4. Can I be a canidate to try out your gadget for free? I wouldn’t mind on taking any test! I don’t even want to get paid to try out the gadget, only payment would be a free suit! I mean I’ll go under any type of test! From water to fire, just to try out a suit! Plus I’m very well at designing! I can help you with different designs! I have one, which if I got my own suit, I’d like to use. How much does a suit cost, if I didn’t do the testing?

  5. When will this be available to the public, and for how much? Can’t wait to see how our athletes perform.

  6. ok well thats great but i want one made my way and also you should let people make there own on a site

  7. I would like to create a suit for a character called Captain Risk or Mr Risk using grey red and black. can you quote me and i would want this urgent. further it should have my company logo on it. can the top be a muscle top and further and a mask the legs must have muscle definition as well.

  8. You people are stupid they aren’t super suits they are race suits for skiing in fact I have the one on the left

  9. I wanna be a superhero, and protect people of other places. I would really appreciate it if you could contact me o n info about getting one o those suits custom made for me.

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