Your own intelligent water bottle

The HydroCoach
If you went up to someone on the street and asked if they knew how much water they should be drinking daily, they’d probably say they had no clue. When you tell them that it’s 64 oz. and ask about how much they drink a day, it will probably be a lot lower.

People have various excuses as to why they don’t get the recommended 64 ounces, the main one is that it’s to hard to remember and it slips their mind during their day. You won’t be able to make any excuses once you get yourself a HydraCoach: your own intelligent water bottle.

Your HydraCoach will track every little detail about your water intake for the day. You tell the bottle how much you need a day, and every sip you take will be recorded. The built-in display shows you how much you’ve drunken so far. It even goes so far as to motivate you, which I assume means cheesy sayings given at random times, when you’re only at 8 ounces but need to be at 16!

You might look a bit odd carrying this thing around with you everywhere, but if you’re into intense activities like rock climbing or mountain biking, having enough water is key and this is a pretty easy way to do it. The HydroCoach is not available in stores yet, but when it arrives in sporting good stores come December, it will retail for a mere $30. The official site of the HydroCoach can be found here.

[via The Red Ferret]