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Your calculator might just be staring back at you

Spy Calculator

The holidays are a time for giving. Which also means that you’ll likely be on the receiving end of your fair share of gifts (or coal). With all of the cool things you get in colorfully-wrapped boxes, there is something you may want to consider. Your new calculator from that creepy guy in accounting might actually be watching you. That’s right, someone has taken an ordinary printing calculator and stuffed a spy cam inside.

The tiny camera can record in color at a resolution of 640 x 480, which is about the same as your average webcam, unfortunately you only get a measly 10fps. You can enable the camera via an included remote control. The unit will then begin operating with a motion sensor. It will keep rolling as long as there is something moving, then for an additional 15 seconds. All of the video is stored on the included 256MB SD card. You can (and probably will) upgrade to larger cards for more storage.

I’m sure that this spy gadget will be loved by people with hand fetishes, as you’ll likely get your fair share of footage depicting someone typing away on their new calculator. No good spy gadget is complete without a hefty price, and while this isn’t the greatest one out there (come on, 10fps?) you’ll still have to fork over $529 for one.

Source: Ubergizmo