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The Yosh Waterproof Case will let you take selfies in the ocean

Yosh Underwater Phone Case

Sometimes you don’t know you need something until you’re out in the world realizing you need it. Just the other day I was snorkeling in the East China Sea (no, really), and I realized that it is pretty difficult to take pictures of all the beautiful coral and colorful fish if you don’t have an underwater camera. Of course, I had a smartphone handy, but didn’t have any way of taking my device in the water without turning it into a useless brick.

Thankfully everyone else in the area had Underwater Cases that they were snorkeling with, which immediately sparked an interest in them for me, so I found this one by Yosh. If you look up any one of them you’re looking up almost all of them, as the premise is a plastic bag with a really good seal. Of course, you also have to trust that this fortified Ziploc bag is going to keep your entire virtual life safe. This particular one can handle phones that are up to 6 inches long, meaning your iPhone, Android, or whatever you have so long as it fits that size specification nicely.

This will of course also help in super dusty, dry areas, or in places where the humidity might be bad enough to affect your phone. It’s clear on both sides for budding photographers and avid selfie-takers alike. This particular version only costs $6.99, and comes in black, green, magenta, orange, white, and yellow. There are of course several other brands out there, and you’ll want to make sure you have a solid grip so it doesn’t end up on the bottom of the ocean, or pool.

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