Yoomi Bottle is self-heating


Parenting definitely comes with its fair share of obstacles to overcome.  Most are manageable without all of the extra gadgets, but for an exhausted parent anything that makes the baby stop crying sooner is an absolute life saver.  That doesn’t mean a parent couldn’t easily walk to the kitchen and heat a bottle, but it would be nice to be able to create a warm bottle no matter where you’re at.  Thanks to this Yoomi baby bottle you can do exactly that.

These bottles are self heating.  All it requires is you to push a button and within 60 seconds you’ll have the warm bottle you need to feed a fussy infant.  This gadget has already won innovation and research awards.  It was actually invented by a husband and a wife, the solicitor being Farah and the engineer Jim Saikh.  Having been exhausted weary parents themselves, they created the device to save their own sanity.  These bottles are already being sold for £22 or about $36.  Then the pack of two teats goes for £4.50 or about $7 from John Lewis.

Source: GizmoWatch

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