Yogen Max foldable laptop charger

Most laptop chargers are rather bulky and huge, even with the strides we’ve taken in the world of miniaturization these days. Easy Energy aims to go against the grain with its Yogen Max foldable laptop charger which is able to charge gasping laptops without having to depend on any external power source. Sounds pretty crazy, considering how they’re not going to depend on solar power either. Check out what Guy Ofir, Chief Executive Officer of Easy Energy has to say, “This unique product will allow for the complete charging of a laptop anywhere in the world, inside or outside, wired or not.” Yogen Max is tipped to be released sometime next year. I myself am pretty interested to see how the Yogen Max will pan out when it is finally available to the masses. Guess you’ll have pretty solid calf muscles once you’re done juicing up your laptop with this.

Press Release

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