Let the Yobot take your bag

This summer, a 669-room hotel known as the Yotel will open up at Times Square. This particular hotel has a “sleek, techno feel”.
I suppose someone wants the Yotel to be the “hotel of the future”, which is why guests have the option of giving their bags to a robot for safekeeping. Yes, this robot arm can take your bag an put it in one of 133 storage lockers.
Yes, I was hoping for a robot who would take your bags to your room, but I suppose the technology just isn’t there yet. Still, for those who want to store their bags behind the counter while they peruse the town after checkout, this is your ticket.
Speaking of ticket, Yobot gives the user a bar-coded ticket so it is a more secure method of storage that is as good as a locker. Of course, I don’t know how much a locker in Times Square costs, but this Yobot luggage counter will cost you $2 per bag.
In all honesty, I can see a lot of major hotels having some automated system like this. I would imagine that some might find this robot futuristic, but I just see it as normal. However, I suppose a human being could do this, and it would probably look classier.