Yet another iPod gadget — the iPod video privacy screen

iPod Video Privacy Protector
If you’ve ever passed by a bank, customs in the airport, or anywhere else where sensitive information is displayed you’ll find that you can only see the monitor if you’re right in front of it. You don’t have ridiculously bad vision. That monitor has a little privacy guard on it, hopefully preventing random people from grabbing all your personal information. Now, we all know the accessory market for the iPod is like. . . empty, I mean, there’s nothing you can buy for it. Well, some ingenious company decided that you need a privacy guard for your iPod. Phew, finally, the killer iPod add on! I’ve been waiting ages for this one.

There’s only one thing this does — prevents the person sitting next to you from seeing what you’re watching. I’m not going to judge you, but why exactly do we need to hide it? We’re not looking at anything bad are we? 😉 Of course, this might be useful when on public transportation. No one likes to have the smelly guy next to you laughing along with South Park and asking to use your left earbud. And if you still don’t think this is at all useful, certainly you must see it’s potential to make you look crazy. How?, you might ask. As you’re laughing out loud, the person will look over and see you’re watching absolutely nothing. Don’t be alarmed if they move, people tend to stay away from the crazies.

Only $10 for the iPod privacy screen. Come on, you can’t let people find out what you’re watching! Think of your reputation.

Product Page – [via Popgadget]

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