Yellow Jacket iPhone Case – Protects your Phone, AND You!

We have done a lot of posts about iPhone cases that look good and keep your phones safe. We’ve told you about some cases that give your phone a little extra battery power when needed, and we have also covered quite a few apps that help you thwart an attack in an attempt to keep you safe , But now we have a case that does it all…
Meet the Yellow Jacket, touted as the worlds first smartphone defense case, this nifty, iPhone case packs a whopping 650K volt stun gun, AND an external battery that can give you about 20 hours of additional standby battery time. Designed with safety in mind, this seemingly simple case delivers an incapacitating jolt and inflicts a would-be attacker with some serious pain, giving you the seconds you need to get away and then leaves you with enough battery life to call the cops.
The Yellow Jacket features a safety switch and special cap that prevents you from accidentally shocking yourself while you’re trying to call your mom about her doctors appointment, and in less than a second, you can be ready to press the activation button and confront an assailant. I imagine if you found yourself in an uncomfortable situation, like in a late night empty parking garage, you could easily just have your Yellow Jacket ready to go.
Made for the iPhone 4 and 4S, the case is charged using the same cable as your iPhone, and you can even charge your phone without removing the device. The Yellow Jacket comes in black, white, pink and limited edition gold and is available for pre-order at for around 100 bucks. I know what you’re wondering, if I zap someone with my phone, will it drop my call? Sources tell me no…. so go ahead, make my day. (not available in all areas)