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Yale delivers keyless smart locks for added security around the home

yale-pushbuttonI am quite sure that we have read enough stories about crime around the neighborhood in the local paper each day, not to mention we probably know someone, or happen to have been a victim before, of such a burglary in the past. Having said that, a fair number of homes still rely on the old school lock and key system, and while it might have worked a couple of hundred years ago, it is not going to be all that effective in this day and age where a little bit of technical skill would allow someone to waltz into your home given enough time, to take all of your treasured possessions in the blink of an eye. Well, Yale, a trusted name in home security for years, intends to slow down and deter thieves from entering your abode with their new range of keyless smart locks that cannot be picked.

Another advantage of having such a “security” system in your home would be the ability to kiss goodbye to regular, physical keys! I know that some of us most probably have experienced having lost our keys at one point in time or another, which leads to a whole lot of inconvenience as you try to remember just where you misplaced that set of jinglers. Apart from that, you no longer have to stash away your spare key hidden away somewhere that only you, your neighbor and the mailman knows about – under the doormat, or perhaps in the pot of your favorite plant.

This new range of keyless locks will sport a sleek new look, simplified installation, and is easily integrated into a smart home wireless network. Apart from that, they have been priced to be affordable enough for homeowners to protect their homes with a Yale Real Living smart lock. One can choose from the new Yale Real Living Key Free Push Button B1L and Key Free Touchscreen T1L Deadbolts that will do away with the key and in place, uses a four-digit security code. This means you can delete the unique code when it is no longer required, which is ideal when friends or visitors drop by. Pair this up with the Yale Digital Recording Door Viewer and you’ve got quite a winning combination here.

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