XWave – What are you thinking?

The cool thing to have a while back was the Mindflex Game, I was aware of the technology behind it well before we got one for my daughter. I loved the idea of it. It was entertaining, but not as much as I had hoped. Maybe because she was so much better at it than we were.

I am about to get another try however, PLX Devices is bringing us the XWave, what they are calling a “mind interface for iPhone.” (or for the Touch or iPad for that matter) By detecting your brain’s rhythm through a tiny sensor placed on your forehead via the XWave headset, you will open a window into your mind.

XWave can sense your attention and meditation levels and you will be able to control and float objects in upcoming games by simply thinking about it, or much like biofeedback, train your mind to focus and relax on command. 

With free 3rd party applications ranging from a beginners brainwave visualizer to a social musical brainwave compatibility app and the informative meditation timer, the list of apps is growing, and available on iTunes, one only has to purchase the XWave headset to start playing with their minds.

I’m still waiting for the app that’s going to show the movie of what I’m thinking… of course, that’s not always going to be a good thing, now is it?

Purchase the XWave headset for $99.00 from  www.plxwave.com

Source: www.plxwave.com