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Xtreem introduces new SkyRanger Video Drone

skyrangerWhen it comes to drones, there are many different kinds of models that have already hit the market, and it is no surprise at all that more and more manufacturers are jumping aboard the drone bandwagon as well. Xtreem is one of them, and the company has just introduced the latest addition to its popular range of remote controlled toys known as the SkyRanger Video Drone. It is are ideal for those who are aged 12 and above, as this new drone come in a lightweight yet durable construction and will definitely put users’ flying skills to the test, arriving with long transmission distances as well as demonstrating multi-directional flip maneuvers to the skilled.

Each SkyRanger Video Drone will arrive equipped with a full HD video camera, letting users capture photos and videos of their favorite flying adventures in double quick time and with ease. The SkyRanger Video Drone, for instance, measures all of just 19.7” and tips the scales at a mere 1.3 pounds, making it ideal for anyone with an urge to sit in the pilot’s seat. It has a first person view feature so that you end up with a bird’s eye view of flights on your smartphone. This is made possible thanks to the free app for iOS and Android platforms, as the SkyRanger utilizes the latest 2.4GHz frequency for a strong wireless signal up to 230 feet and 360-degree maneuverability including up/down, forward/backward, sideways movements, flips, stunt tumbles, continuous rolling and more.

Not only that, this easy grab-and-go toy that is perfectly suited for outdoor fun will allow the drone to offer hover mode, headless flight mode and trim/stabilization adjustment. When fully charged, the SkyRanger drone delivers 10 minutes of flying time, and each $179.99 purchase comes with the SkyRanger Video Drone itself, a Wi-Fi 720p HD detachable camera, a remote control, a 4GB microSD memory card and reader, a wall charger and power adapter, spare rotor blades and parts and a smartphone-to-remote control bracket.

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