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XSories reveals new Universal CapXule storage case

universal-capxuleCleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. Well, if that happens to be the case, then surely being neat and all does warrant some merit, don’t you think so? Regardless of where you go or what you do, being a good organizer is always a quality that is much sought after. Even more so in this day and age, where there are just so many different kinds of devices to play around with, that it would take quite the effort to sort out the various chargers and cables, especially when you are packing for your travels. The XSories Universal CapXule storage case will then step in to offer some assistance in this matter.

XSories’ latest addition to its popular CapXule range, known as the Universal CapXule, happens to be specially designed in order to be the perfect partner that will accompany any kind of action camera set up. This particular storage case will boast of removable elastic webs which can be re-configured to fit any size digital camera, grip, lens, power bank and virtually anything else that an every-day photographer would require in order to transport conveniently and stylishly.

If one were to look closer, within the Universal CapXule would be a mesh storage pouch that will let you tote around essential items, which in turn can be grabbed at a moment’s notice without missing a beat. I guess it will be more of muscle memory and familiarity from here on, although you might take a while to register where the various tools are stashed at first. The storage case’s molded carry handle will let you tote around your camera and its plethora of accessories in an easy and comfortable manner. It will be made up of aluminum and rubber so that your gear will remain safe and sound, despite following you through even the most rugged of environments.

Expect the Universal CapXule storage case to retail for $39.99 and $59.99 for the small and large sizes, respectively, as it arrives in blue, grey and black shades.

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