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XSORIES launches U-Float silicone mount

u-float-actionWe know that us human beings are really smart – so much so that we have progressed so far in order to send man to the moon – and that was more than half a century ago, now how about that? Now here is something intelligent that you might want to check out – the U-Float silicone mount from XSORIES. It basically opens the door for users to be able to capture just about any kind of aquatic adventure regardless of whether you are above or below sea level. The U-Float is capable of retaining its shape even when wet as there is an adjustable neoprene strap that ensures the mount remains tight against your palm. Water enthusiasts will be able to sit back and relax, as they can rest easy knowing that their digital camera will be floating along side them without having to run the risk of their gear being swept away.

The U-Float’s ergonomic indents as well as silicone design will be able to deliver one of the sturdiest grips available in the market at the moment. Not only that, the mount’s form will also play nice with bulky mittens which most folks make use of during the chilly winter months. U-Float would also be compatible with all models of action cameras, where among them include the likes of Go Pros, Sony Action Cams, Garmin Virb, Countours and numerous others.

The asking price for the U-Float from XSORIES? A rather cheap and highly affordable $29.99 a pop, which is definitely good news for those who have been, for the longest time running, interested in capturing far cooler still shots or videos than ever before, without having the opportunity to do so since one is worried about getting their equipment wet and drenched. Three cheers and hip hip hooray for progress and intelligence in man!

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