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XOO Belt delivers a charge to your gizmos

xoo-beltNifty, a hardware startup from the UK managed to conquer new heights by breaking Kickstarter records via its Nifty MiniDrive a couple of years ago, and they have just announced their very first product under the wearable tech line known as XOO – which would be the XOO Belt. The XOO Belt happens to be a belt that was specially designed not only to hold your pants up when you have some inches of space to spare in them, it is also full well capable of juicing up your smartphone. This particularly unique belt was designed alongside the assistance of iconic London fashion house, Casely-Hayford.

Nifty decided to come up with the XOO Belt in order to solve a common problem in the most simple manner possible. There are other battery chargers that exist out there, but they do happen to come with trade-offs, including bulk, inconvenience or only a trickle of additional charge. The XOO Belt would do away with such problems, making it simple to use, always within reach and is also as light and stylish – all the while functioning as a designer belt.

The XOO Belt range will comprise of a couple of collections; the Classic XOO and the Casely-Hayford collection, and as mentioned earlier, is the result of a collaboration between Nifty and world-renowned British fashion duo Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford. Instead of it being a simple tech product, the XOO Belt is currently being designed as a wearable which is also a pleasure to actually wear, where it can be customized to suit any wardrobe. Within the XOO Belt are multiple layers of cutting-edge flexible battery, which a first of its kind in wearable tech. Ultra safe and unreactive, it is completely invisible and will be able to clock up 2,100mAh of power – which is more than adequate to juice up an iPhone 6 and more. It does not matter if you are rocking to either Android or iOS mobile operating systems, it is compatible with microUSB and Lightning cable. Now this is truly a portable power charger with a difference!

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