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The XKchrome turns driving into a light show

XKchrome kit

If you’ve ever driven at night, there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least one car with colored lights underneath it. They’re certainly a neat effect on your car, but they don’t really do much aside from being one color and looking cool. If you like the idea but wish it had a bit more functionality, then today is the day for joy and excitement…and losing money to a new toy.

The XKchrome is LED lighting for your car that will give you millions of colors and animation patterns to choose from through a smartphone app. You can control the lights from inside the car to be a lightshow for bystanders as you pass. There are various sensors that can change the lights to whatever color you see, and the music sync feature can make the light move to the beat. You would look like a moving rave!

So many features makes it great and everything, but it doesn’t necessarily do much aside from distracting drivers around you. To make sure you’re still being a mindful driver, there are also smart brake sensors that will automatically switch the lights to red when you’re braking. The app will also help you find your car, as will the lights that can turn on to help you spot your vehicle more easily. These are slim, waterproof, and will cost you anywhere from $89-269 depending on what kind of kit you’d like.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter