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The Xikar Windproof Lighter will burn brightly on the windiest mountain top

Xikar Windproof Lighter

You find yourself trekking to the great outdoors, where bugs, weather, and grass that is just tall enough to touch your ankle can affect you. Let’s just hypothesize, for fun, that you are in need of a small flame to deal with a task that calls for fire, such as a loose thread, campfire, or lighting up a smoke. Should the winds ever be against you, a normal lighter is not going to do so well as the unseen enemy will keep blowing your flame out, barring you from the heat for which the tool you brought out was meant for.

If you would prefer such an instance never befall you, or want to make sure one such does not happen again, then it might be in your interests to acquire a Windproof Lighter. This plastic, single-thumb ignition switch lighter will not only give you a strong flame, but one that reaches over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Try snuffing that out, wind!

The rubberized body will help you keep your grip even in more rugged situations, and the flame will still blaze hot at heights up as far as 12,000 feet. It refills easily with butane, and has a flame adjustment wheel for different needs. You can choose between black, blue, clear, and green, and it will cost you anywhere from around $20-23 depending on which color you choose. One would hope that the functionality wouldn’t waver due to the variation in color as the strange pricing somehow suggests that.

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